Spilling the Beans

Imagine going in to McDonald’s and ordering a beef patty that weighs exactly 3.7 ounces, cooked until the internal temperature is 142.3 degrees, then is served with 2/3 of a slice of whole-milk American cheese, on a whole-wheat bun that is toasted at 400 degrees for 90 seconds, with 1 tablespoon of ketchup and one teaspoon  of mustard, and two slices of dill pickle exactly 3 mm thick placed 1 cm apart on the bun.

That’s how I view people who drink coffee from places like Starbucks. A coworker who wishes to remain anonymous came in this morning livid that they had gotten her order egregiously wrong. It was not the hazelnut latte with half a pump of syrup served at 170 degrees she ordered, but some super-sweet cinnamon vileness. Not being a coffee drinker, the fast food analogy is the closest I can come to understanding the specificity of these preferences.


Amanda said…
It's called being picky! Some of it is fine, but come on folks.
Jer said…
Agreed. Some of it is ok. I get really bugged at the fast food people when they put onions on my burger; my wife can't eat it if there's anything more than ketchup on it. I guess it's all preference.
)en said…
well that sounds like a completely different drink. I'd be mad.

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