The best (and worst) seasonal candy

The Best

Mellowcreme pumpkins—Halloween

Cadbury eggs (and the chocolate mini eggs)—Easter

Chocolate rabbits—Easter

Mint chocolate M&Ms—Christmas

Boxes of chocolates—Valentine’s Day

The Worst

Those weird peanut taffy things—Halloween

Conversation hearts—Valentine’s Day (I still like them, but they somehow seem like terrible candy)

Candy canes—Christmas

I have a feeling this list is far from complete. What is missing?


The Kyles said…
Cinnamon gummy hearts - Valentines Day
Candy Corn - Halloween

Foil wrapped coins - International Talk Like a Pirate Day
Round foil-wrapped chocolates from some unknown candy company with snowmen and Santa printed on the front (it's always waxy and way to sweet) - Christmas
Joel said…
Ah, yes. I was going to include candy corn, but since it's widely available year-round, I decided not to list it. But it does belong on any list of great candy.
ATH79 said…
I love peeps. They once were only availible as chicks at easter but I guess now they make up new ones for every holiday. Tombstones for memorial day, trees for arbor day, dragons for the chinese new year . . . the list goes on.
)en said…
No way, I'd put candy corn on the Worst list. Blagh.

Are you talking about Circus Peanuts? They're pretty gross, i agree. Who actually buys those?

I like your list of Bests though. I make myself sick on mint M&M's every Christmas.

And yes--those foil wrapped gross Christmas chocolates are bad news.

good times. I want some candy now.
Joel said…
I used to really like Peeps, but now I mostly like them after they get stale. It's weird.
I think I'm an outcast. I was going to put peeps and candy corn on the worst list. GROSS. Also, I agree about the peanut butter taffy. They think they can put the orange and black wrappers on them and make them such a great candy for trick or treaters, but I have never met anyone who likes them.
Joel said…
Come now, this blog is all about the free exchange of ideas. So please share your true opinions

...even if they happen to be wrong.

And circus peanuts rock.
)en said…
What are the best Halloween candies? Think now. What means "halloween candy" to you?

Off the top of my head: smarties & sweettarts.
Joel said…
They used to make this candy called Bonkers. It was like Starburst but way better. That was the ultimate Halloween candy. Mmmmm.....
Oh, and Bottlecaps are good too.

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