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Scary Morning

Imagine this. You're sitting quietly at the table eating breakfast in the morning, all alone. The house is dim and silent. Then all of a sudden you hear a thump. You listen for a moment, then forget about it. But then, another thump, sightly louder. And it continues every few seconds, and now you can tell it's getting closer. Thump, thump, thump. An finally, slowly emerging from around the corner is the face of your two-year-old, who just came down the stairs. I was pretty sure it was her, but it was still surprisingly creepy.

I Love You, You Love Me...

I was visiting with some friends last night, and we discussed how sometimes we do things for them and sometimes they do things for us. It occurred to me how much of a give-and-take relationship friendship is. True friendship is not about keeping score to see who has done more for the other, or that you owe or are owed something, but it’s about giving what is needed when it is needed. It’s similar to marriage in that way. Then this morning I thought of a comparison that seemed apt: Friendship is the give-a-penny/take-a-penny tray of life. Sometimes you need help moving something heavy, and sometimes your friend needs a ride to the airport. When we give because we care about people, rather than from a self-centered desire for them to owe us a debt, we become more than we were. This isn’t particularly profound, or even original, but it’s been on my mind.


Tonight we went over to help our good friends next door load up a few things as they get ready to move out. As we went back and forth, I noticed some other neighbors a few doors down wander over to our yard. I finally went to talk to them, and they said they had noticed that the two-year-old who lives on the other side of us had been wandering around outside unsupervised. And, as it turns out, he had opened our front door and gone in our house, where we found him stark naked. I grabbed him, and we took him over to his house, where the only person who greeted us was his seven-year-old brother. I don't have a clue where the parents were, and I was so bewildered by the situation that I didn't think to ask. But I was tempted to call the police, as this is not the first time he has been wandering around outside without an adult.

Better Never than Late

Allison turned two in April, and she didn't immediately become terrible. Unfortunately, however, that side has come out in the last few days. I'd forgotten how two-year-old tantrums were.

On the other hand, there's this video of her acting like a cat:

So I call that a net win.

It's Good to Be Back

Well, the other site was fun, but I like the simplicity of Blogger. Plus, I've actually been posting little things on Facebook that I might normally put here. But Blogger plays nicer with Facebook anyway, so I can more easily post in both places. The result is that I hope to be posting a little more often, for all two of you who might read this. Stay tuned!