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Produce Girl

A few weeks ago, Allison pulled a raw potato out of a bag and started chewing on it. And last night she pulled a banana off a bunch, leaving the stem on the bunch, and chewed a whole in the peel. What can I say? The girl knows what she wants.

Line, Line, Everywhere a Line

Two thoughts about lines:

Why are the lines separating freeway lanes painted white? When it snows, the road is all white, and it's impossible to tell where the lane divisions are. Would it really be that taxing on the eyes to paint the lines a slightly different color, so you don't die in the winter?

Everywhere I've lived in Utah, people have claimed that a major fault line runs extremely close by. I finally decided there can't possibly be that many faults. I want to find a geological map that will tell me the truth.

Five Things I Care about More than the Academy Awards

What's for lunch?

Should I wear the gray socks or the black socks?

Is that rock a conglomerate or a breccia?

Should I go with Navajo beige or cobblestone tan paint?

Does Diet Dr. Pepper really taste more like regular Dr. Pepper?

Our Little Carnivore

"She's eating the head of a pig at the moment," Katie said, referring to Allison.


They don't taste as good to me as they used to. Is it just because I'm getting old?

I'm Board

So apparently I have this thing about billboards. But hey, I spend an hour and a half every day looking at them. My new pet peeve is that there are a lot of them which aren't obvious about what they're trying to say. You have to keep squinting at them as you drive by, trying to make out the logo in the corner. Then you get in an accident and, while waiting for the police, realize that it's from a group warning against distracted driving.

My new favorite billboard is the one that says, "Utah voted the #1 fiscally fit state in the nation. Let's all celebrate by building a new Salisbury home!" So... we're financially responsible, but we should go buy a brand new house?

Bad Dream

My lack of posting lately has been pathetic. So here comes a random story.

I remember the first nightmare I ever had. It was this sort of "end of the world" kind of dream, with basically nothing around me but bare earth with patches of fire across the landscape, shooting flames up into the night sky. Try dreaming that when you're 7 years old.

What nightmares do you remember?


I decided that I need a catchphrase. Other people I know have them, like, "I hate you all!" or "You're a jerk." I want something that is vaguely menacing, yet terrifyingly witty. Any ideas?