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The Summer That Was

I had been planning this big long post about how challenging this summer was, but then I thought a short poem might sum it up better. I was going to add another verse about how we all got sick, but I figure this is enough. This is also the reason I hadn't posted for so long: I wanted this post finished before writing anything else. Anyway, here it is.

The Summer That Was

Twas a Thursday in late June,
A heat to make you choke
And as the day wore on we found that our AC had broke.

A simple fix we hoped for,
And so we called the man
"Can you come take a look tomorrow?" "Yes, we surely can."

But sad news was delivered:
Prepared for prolonged thirst
Because the part you need will be sent August 21st.

And so we mulled our options
In triple-digit heat
Deciding that, without a choice, this challenge we would meet.

And so a few days later,
The summer trials grew
My company informed me "There's no longer work for you."

We dug a little deeper
I followed ever…