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We Spared No Expense

Remember that scene from Jurassic Park when the gamekeeper spots the velociraptor and covers Ellie while she runs for the shed, and then the other raptor swoops in from the side and attacks him? That kind of happened to me last week. Except instead of murderous dinosaurs, it was a virus. And instead of me saying something witty like “Clever girl,” I was mostly saying “COUGH COUGH HACK WHEEZE.” I got this weird chest cold, and I thought I was getting better when it decided to storm the castle, the castle being my head. And so I got to enjoy a second wave of irritating illness. I can only hope this story doesn’t end with a tyrannosaurus defeating the raptors, because that would probably be a flesh-eating virus.

Sneaky Sleep

Sleep is such a strange thing. And for me, it's two strange things, because sleeping at night and sleeping during the day are completely different prospects. For one thing, I can lie down for a nap on my back and go to sleep that way just fine, but at night I have to turn over onto my stomach to go to sleep. Also, napping during the day seems to count double for me. If I sleep for an hour during the day, for example, it can take me an extra two hours to get to sleep that night. One of these days I should try sleeping for 4 hours during the day and try staying up all night, in the interest of science.

Lastly, sleeping at night is unpleasant when I'm sick (which I am right now, so it's on my mind). When I'm sick, I can't wait for the night to be over because I'm uncomfortable, but napping in the day seems to be fine.

Um, I guess that's it.

The end.