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A couple weeks ago, we had some new neighbors move in next door. They have a girl Sam’s age, and we thought it would be nice to have someone his age live so close, since he usually ends up playing with younger kids. I noticed that he seems to act differently around this girl than other people, though, and I decided he must have his first crush. This was further substantiated when he told me that he wrote a note for her yesterday, which said, “I hope to see you again soon. I like you. From, Samuel.” 
Awwwwwww, my little man is growing up. No doubt he'll be just as smooth with the ladies as his dad. 
(Good thing I don't have to keep a straight face when typing.)

Cool Times

Last week our air conditioning suddenly stopped working. The thermostat indicated that the AC unit just needed a few minutes to cool off, but it wouldn't ever kick on again. Wondering if it was the thermostat, I went and borrowed the neighbor's (the same model) and stuck it on my wall. that didn't work either. So I tried to turn on the heat instead of the AC. Still no dice.

I was reluctant to call a repairman, because I just knew it would be some stupidly simple fix. So I talked with several people, including Jer, who realized that the problem must be with the blower fan in the furnace, which is used both for heating and AC. I poked around in the furnace until I found what looked like the blower reset switch and pushed it. Bam, working AC!

Still, I didn't think about what had originally caused the fan to struggle enough that it reset. So later that night the AC started acting funny again, as though it were struggling to come on. And I finally took a look at our furnace…

The Cat's in the Bag

On Sunday we were out on a walk. And by "walk," I mean that I was pushing Allison on her tricycle, and she steered us to the park. When we came home, there was a strange brown and white cat leaving our garage. This isn't terribly unusual, because Dortmunder lives in there and other animals get in sometimes and help themselves to his food. This cat ran out back and hid under our porch.

I usually try to scare cats away so I don't have to feed a community of strays, but this time I decided to get some cat treats and see if we could get it to come out. As it did, we noticed that it only had one ear. that seemed normal for a stray, so I didn't think anything of it, until Katie came back and said that there was a notice taped to the mailbox that someone had lost a one-eared, brown-and-white cat. She went and got their number, and we called the guy. And yes, oddly enough, the one-eared, brown-and-white cat we found was the same one-eared, brown and white cat they had lo…