Bad Dream

My lack of posting lately has been pathetic. So here comes a random story.

I remember the first nightmare I ever had. It was this sort of "end of the world" kind of dream, with basically nothing around me but bare earth with patches of fire across the landscape, shooting flames up into the night sky. Try dreaming that when you're 7 years old.

What nightmares do you remember?


)en said…
I had a nightmare that Joel was posting less & less frequently until one day it just stopped, and that was that, and it left an emptiness in the universe, and all in it were sad. I hope that nightmare doesn't come true.

Ok, so my earliest nightmare was when i was riding my princess banana seat bike and i ventured out of my neighborhood (scary). But that's not the scary part. When i turned back, certain i knew exactly where i was, when i got to where my house was supposed to be, it wasn't. It was another house. All houses around it were the same and looked right. But not my house. I still have yucky feelings when i recall that.
joel said…
That would truly be a nightmare. If I stopped posting, I mean, not if you lost your house. Just kidding. Maybe you saw that scene from Back to the Future 2 where he came home and another family lived in his house?

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