Cool Times

Last week our air conditioning suddenly stopped working. The thermostat indicated that the AC unit just needed a few minutes to cool off, but it wouldn't ever kick on again. Wondering if it was the thermostat, I went and borrowed the neighbor's (the same model) and stuck it on my wall. that didn't work either. So I tried to turn on the heat instead of the AC. Still no dice.

I was reluctant to call a repairman, because I just knew it would be some stupidly simple fix. So I talked with several people, including Jer, who realized that the problem must be with the blower fan in the furnace, which is used both for heating and AC. I poked around in the furnace until I found what looked like the blower reset switch and pushed it. Bam, working AC!

Still, I didn't think about what had originally caused the fan to struggle enough that it reset. So later that night the AC started acting funny again, as though it were struggling to come on. And I finally took a look at our furnace filters. Yeah. It was like trying to breathe through a pinched straw. So I went to Walmart at 10:30 for furnace filters, and this time bought enough for a few months. Let's hope I learned my lesson enough to save me expensive repairs int he future.


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