The Cat's in the Bag

On Sunday we were out on a walk. And by "walk," I mean that I was pushing Allison on her tricycle, and she steered us to the park. When we came home, there was a strange brown and white cat leaving our garage. This isn't terribly unusual, because Dortmunder lives in there and other animals get in sometimes and help themselves to his food. This cat ran out back and hid under our porch.

I usually try to scare cats away so I don't have to feed a community of strays, but this time I decided to get some cat treats and see if we could get it to come out. As it did, we noticed that it only had one ear. that seemed normal for a stray, so I didn't think anything of it, until Katie came back and said that there was a notice taped to the mailbox that someone had lost a one-eared, brown-and-white cat. She went and got their number, and we called the guy. And yes, oddly enough, the one-eared, brown-and-white cat we found was the same one-eared, brown and white cat they had lost. What are the odds? And as it turns out, the ear was just a deformity from birth, rather than the result of an awesome cat street fight. A couple days later the family brought us some cookies and an awesome card the kids made, thanking us for finding him.

So there you have it. Never say I don't write heartwarming stories on my blog.


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