Dear Diary

This morning I was thinking about journal writing, and how terrible I am at it. I got a journal when I was in elementary school, and for a while I was good about using it (Side note: I wrote in my journal with a pencil I was given for getting second place in our school's aluminum can collecting drive; the first-place winner got a hot air balloon ride—no, I'm not joking).

But then, when life actually started to get a little more eventful, I stopped writing. Now that I'm (legally, according to the judge) an adult, this should be the time of my life when I really get into it. Then I thought about the reason for journal writing, and there are two main purposes, as far as I can tell: keeping a personal history, and telling people in the future exactly who you were. While I mostly tangentially mention actual life events, I think this blog does a fair job of capturing my personality.

Does blogging replace journal writing for you?


Jen said…
no. but journals serve a different purpose for me. I document & record events but also feelings, and no one wants to read about that on my blog. :)

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