IM Snippet

me: I (possibly) have jury duty next week

nathan: Oh, I haven't heard anything from them.
I guess people just hate me.
Pretty depressing when you don't even qualify for jury duty.

me: I just want what we all want—the opportunity to condemn someone to be executed. And in the end, isn’t that the American dream?
I see you as someone having a more active role in the proceedings than just a juror anyway.

nathan: Well, I hope your dream of condemning a man to death eventually comes true.

me: That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me


Anonymous said…
Is jury duty the have the same rules in Utah that if you are called as a possible, but your number never comes up that they can't summon you again for 7 years? That happened to John. He was like 900 and something and they only made it up to the 600s, but now he's free and clear for 7 years. And that just sucks!

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