What Did You Call Me?

I have noticed something puzzling. At some point, every person I know calls me "Mr. Linguist," especially if they want to ask me some sort of language-related question. It's kind of puzzling to me. If I have a question about my computer, I don't call Jer "Mr. IT," so what is it about my particular area of academic study that gives rise to that particular epithet? Answer me that, Mr. or Mrs. Know-it-all.


Jer said…
To be fair, I have been called "Mr Computer Guy", "IT guy", and "@**hole", so maybe it's just you.
Joel said…
Yeah, but people call you that last one before they are even aware of your IT skills.
trb48 said…
Joel, you may not do that but everyone else does. If it uses electricty people ask me for help.
Joel said…
Can you change my light bulb?

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