A Whale of a Meal

I often drive past a Mexican seafood restaurant, which I suppose is a fun idea. What puzzles me, however, is why they chose to paint a giant whale on the side of the building. Am I the only one who thinks that's not the ideal image of seafood? I'm pretty sure eating whale is illegal in this country.

What do you think of when you think of seafood? Should they have painted a giant crab or lobster on the building?


trb48 said…
I actually think they should paint your face on the side of the building.
Joel said…
I totally didn't realize that I did two whale-related posts in a row. Weird.
)en said…
...and that is what i was going to comment on.

umm, backup comment:

i can see what you're saying. however, i often think it's weird to show a cute pic of the animal that you're eating. so i just don't know. maybe a whale IS the way to go, as if he's saying, "i like eating fish too!" wait, do whales just eat plankton? because i don't want to eat plankton. maybe if you do a 3rd post on whales, i'll know more about them.

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