The Naked Truth

Okay, here we go again.

Some of you may remember my post about how breast cancer gets all the media attention. Today I'm going to take issue with a different aspect of the same media coverage. My problem now is that every time there's a story about breast cancer, there is an accompanying photo of a naked woman with her hand over her breast.

Seriously? First of all, will we really not know what they're talking about without that photo? What about a photo of a (clothed) average-looking survivor, or a doctor holding a mammogram? And second, doesn't that sort of cheapen the cause by associating it with sex? I bet everyone would object if, adjacent to a story about prostate cancer, they had a photo of a naked man with his hand over his crotch.


Jer said…
My sister sent everyone a picture of a baby girl wearing a t-shirt that said "find a cure before I grow boobs!" I asked if it would be as funny if it were a boy that said "find a cure before my balls drop!" Everyone got mad.
Lizzy said…
Food for thought: (John and I love contemplating the lawsuits this would spark) What would happen if you opened a male only gym.

Ah yes, it's okay to do whatever we want as long you are not a male and most especially not a white male.
Jer said…
Lol. Try being a white, 20-something, christian, conservative, Mormon, heterosexual male. We're not allowed to do anything.

in other news:

Maybe the misogynists have it right after all...

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