Over the last week or two I have noticed a number of trucks on the freeway with oddly shaped containers on them. As I get close I notice a sign on them warning of radioactivity, which makes my skin start to prickle in an unpleasant manner.

I am formally stating a law of nature that when you have multiple children and one of them starts to sleep better, another one will sleep worse. It's a fact.

Korean swear words translated into English are kind of cool. Eighteen! Puppy! Eat taffy!


Monex fraud said…
There will be parents who are too scared of their kids growing up who are in denial of the words and ideas that fly around every middle and high school in every town in every country too..The thing is kids are really good at figuring out whats a good fit for them and what isnt. If they are reading a book that has swearing or action or other content that makes them uncomfortable that they cant handle or that they dont want to handle most readers will skip that part or put the book down. Lest anybody here thought that swearing in books was settled let them come and read the comments.

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