Sam's birthday is today, but we decided to let him open his presents on Saturday so we could all be there to enjoy it. And this year we decided to get him more than we have in the past, for some reason. Or, rather, we got him more expensive presents, including a set of two remote-controlled cars, a child-sized (but real) guitar, and of course this:

In the end we learned what many parents undoubtedly have throughout history: that kids really do care more about numbers of gifts than how nice they are. So for Christmas maybe we'll load up at the dollar store, so he can sit and unwrap all day.


Jen said…
ahhh... 6. so old.

did you make a fancy cake??
joel said…
Um, I plead the fifth.
Jen said…
Hey, don't plead the 5th to me. It wasn't MY birthday...

[guilt trip]

p.s. i hate your word verification thing. just so you know.
joel said…
If it makes you feel better, I hate it too. And yes, it makes me fill them out too, to post on my own blog. But it's the only way to keep the spam comments at a minimum.

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