Three Dreams for the Price of One

Last night I dreamed that I was in a Chinese restaurant. It was kind of like a four-sided deli counter, with a space in the middle that was filled with water and a large alligator. I remember it was very aggressive. I was with several people who had ordered and were waiting for me. I was trying to decide but couldn’t. I asked the man working the counter where the sign was that had listed the daily lunch specials, because apparently I had been there before. He showed me the sign, which was on the opposite side of the restaurant from where I remembered it. The special that day apparently involved whole ducklings served in some kind of sauce or soup. I decided to pass.

Then, at a different point in the dream I had a pet tiger. It was more or less tame, but I was still very nervous around it and was trying to figure out how to get rid of it. I was going to call a zoo up in Idaho, which for some reason I thought might be interested.

I also dreamed that I was involved in the production of a video for work. My best friend John had written the script for the video, and I was nervous that I hadn’t gone through the script to edit it. Apparently I was going to be in the video itself, and there would be some dancing involved as well.


John said…
Mental Note: Never send Joel a script with dancing in it if he has editing rights.

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