Obligatory Year End Post

Last week we took a trip to California for the wedding of Katie’s brother. So on the morning of the 26th we packed up and headed to southern Utah to spend the night with her family (including a bonus 250 miles driving in the snow), and then made the trip to San Diego the next day. We surprised the kids with a day at Disneyland (which was crowded beyond belief, but they still enjoyed it) and, despite a rainy reception, the wedding the next day was nice. Then we made the same trip in reverse, spending the night in Toquerville again, to arrive home exhausted on New Year’s Eve. But it was nice for the kids to see their new toys again, so it was kind of like a second Christmas.

2012 was… a year. I’m not quite sure what to say about it. Our lives remained largely unchanged. Sam started first grade, two of Katie’s siblings got married, and we just sort of went on with whatever it is we do. I did meet my resolution (and bucket-list item) of running a marathon, and I ran a total of 843 miles during the year. This year I’d love to break 1,000.

I guess I’m curious to see if 2013 changes anything up. I made a few personal resolutions, and we made some as a family. I’ve always had a hard time with resolutions (okay, okay, with personal improvement in general), but I’m starting to see some value in them. Does this mean I’m growing as a person? Probably not.


)en said…
what are your resolutions, Joel. C'mon, let's have 'em.

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