The Rebloggening

That's totally a word, right? Anyway, over the last few years as I've spent the majority of my day writing, I rarely want to stare at a computer screen on my own time. But for some reason I don't feel that way about mobile devices, so I finally decided to try blogging on my tablet. It's more ponderous, but maybe I'll just be concise. And I have something deadly serious to discuss today.

Let me begin by mentioning that I don't care what a tool looks like as long as it does the job. A hammer is a hammer, whether it's scarred and scratched or shiny and new. And a number of years ago I decided that was my official opinion on cars. If I could get a car that had the right features, I would be fine regardless of looks.

So, with child #3 preparing to rocket her way out of her poor mother's body (we'll be sure to get to the hospital more quickly next time), it seemed like the right time to upgrade our vehicle. Not to mention that both our current vehicles are nearly old enough to obtain driver's licenses for themselves. And so, at the intersection of safety and roominess is the minivan.

I grew up riding in a 1985 GMC 8-passenger beast, and largely learned to drive in it, so it doesn't seem like that big of a deal. The kids love what we got, and it's actually pretty fun to drive. So, even though we now fit in more than ever into Utah stereotypes, I think we ended up with the right tool. Not that I want to be driving over any nails...


Lizzy said…
You are a better person than me. When we had our third I flat out refused to buy a minivan. We looked at some SUV options, but nothing was right. So we decided to put off car shopping until after the baby was born.
We then spent about 18 months with 3 kids in the back of our Corolla. It can be done. But it's cramped and a lot more of 'so and so is touching me!'.
It was when we were having our 4th we realized that all we fit in was a minivan and a full size van. I may have cried.
Now it's not to big of a deal. And the bells amd whistles (rear view camera, automattic sliding doors) help to make it much nicer.

Welcome to the cliché.

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