A Flood of Evidence

Okay, I tried telling this to a few people, but nobody really cared. So I'm using my blog to talk about it. Caveat qui legit.

First of all, the subject of the Flood has always fascinated me. Where did all the water come from? How many animals were on the ark, and how did eight people clean up after all of them?
Well, I don't know about the poop scooping, but we might be a little closer to answering the first question.

I had a geology teacher at BYU who was LDS and accepted the Flood as a historical event. But he didn't think that the whole Earth was covered at once. Personally, I've felt that it was all covered, but wondered at the mechanism. I think God is the master scientist and created the laws of the universe, and obeys those laws, even though we don't yet have a full understanding. (And if you think mankind understands everything about the natural world, try googling "grand unified theory." That's why I've never had a problem reconciling science and religion.

So, here's the biblical verse describing where the water came from:

And today I came across this article:
I don't always take the verbiage of the Bible to be literal, but this is a fascinating idea. In the end our faith shouldn't be dependent on physical evidence, but that evidence can strengthen our belief. So it's fun to think about.


Alyssa said…
It wasn't that I didn't care; I just didn't quite get it. Now I've read the article and seen the light. I think it's a very cool idea.
Bill said…
... Okay, that's pretty sweet.
)en said…
I love this stuff! I agree, science + religion = awesome. Love when there's evidence they support each other. It's like that article I read that said a mother keeps a bit of her son's DNA in the far corners of her brain, which means she also has some of the father's. And babies take on the DNA of their siblings' born before them! AAHH isn't that great?! Blew my mind, anyway.

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