Way to Go, Idaho!

Well, we moved to Idaho Falls about ten months ago. And while people outside the Rocky Mountain states probably see Idaho and Utah as virtually identical (and it's certainly an easier transition than most interstate moves would be), there are some differences. So here, in no particular order, are my impressions of our new state compared to Utah.

  • Most of the time it's 5 to 10 degrees colder here. Which is really nice in the summer. In the winter the roads seem to just be covered with ice perpetually. Any fear I ever had about driving in snow and ice is long gone.
  • Since I've spent most of my life living in Utah, where anything harder than beer is confined to liquor stores, it was just a little odd to see aisles of wine at Walmart. But I got used to it quickly.
  • Service people seem much nicer here. From cashiers at Walmart to servers at restaurants, almost everyone has been friendly. The one exception is our local post office, where the people have kind of had an attitude.
  • A lot of people here just look a little more weathered. I can't think of a better way to describe it. There's just a larger proportion of the population that kind of looks like they've had a hard life.
  • This is one that genuinely frustrates me. So many people just let their dogs run around free without any attempt to keep them in their yard. I have been approached by so many barking, aggressive-looking dogs while out running that I have started planning my routes to avoid as many as possible. I am going to get some dog mace and maybe a self-defense baton.
  • I like the small-town feel. You can get anywhere in town within 20 minutes.
  • There are a few businesses I miss from Utah, but not too many. There's no really good Chinese food around, and the only decent movie theater doesn't do reserved seating. But most stores I like are here.

There's some good and some bad, but overall I am happy we made the decision to move. Homes are so much more affordable here, I like my job, and we have a great ward. I hope this is the last move for a long time.


Lori said…
Glad you are enjoying Idaho! Glad you like your job. But i do miss visiting with you at work. so there.

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