Nostalgia and the Double Standard

The other day while driving, rather than use my phone for music I popped the first CD I ever owned into the stereo. August and Everything After, by The Counting Crows. After 20-something years I still enjoyed listening to it. 

At the same time I recognized that the singer's voice can be really whiny, and some of their songs kind of ramble aimlessly, especially on later albums. But I still enjoy them for the most part.

It reminded me of how things we grew up with are given a different standard than things we are introduced to as adults. Many of us have a ridiculous movie we've enjoyed since childhood, but when showing it to a friend or spouse who hadn't seen it before, they think it's terrible. What is it about things we associate with our youth, that they get a pass on quality? 

There are other things too, from Kool-Aid to Kraft macaroni and cheese. I love all of them unashamedly.


Lori said…
I understand. I have amazing memories of growing up in North Vancouver BC and all the fun me and my sibs had down the creek. But even now i think my nieces or nephews would like it.
)en said…
Nostalgia- t'is a powerful and potent ingredient. Except for Mac n cheese-- that's straight up delicious in its own right.

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