Fix-It Weekend

Last weekend was kind of an interesting one where lots of things seem to happen close together. It started Friday, when Katie informed me she had driven to the school and had gotten a flat tire. I had her use the tire inflator to get enough air in it to get home. Later I couldn't see an obvious nail or anything in it, so I took it back where we had gotten it for warranty-covered repair. They had to replace it, but of course they didn't have the same tire in stock so I had to pay for an upgrade. Blah.

On Saturday the kids went outside to hide plastic eggs with candy, and Sam put one in the furnace exhaust pipe, which drops down into our basement. I spent all day trying to flush it out, using a shop vac from either end to suck it out, then an air compressor, and even a hose to flush it out with water. I never managed to find it, but things were obviously moving through the pipe well enough so I patched things back up. I ordered a 30-foot flexible inspection camera that attaches to my phone, so when it arrives I'll see if I can find it.

While going to get the PVC pipe to repair the cut pipe I had used to try to find the egg, I noticed one of my windshield wipers was messed up. When I got to the store I took it off and left it sitting on the hood, telling myself to remember it was there. Of course I didn't, so on Monday morning when I drove to work in the rain I had no wiper (on the driver's side, naturally). I had to stop for a new one on my way to work.

An interesting but not ideal weekend. Tonight Sam and I go on his very first campout, with the scouts, so we'll see how this one goes.


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