There and Back Again

Last weekend my family visited Salt Lake City, the first time we had returned to Utah since moving. All in all, it went pretty well, although James struggled with a drive that was longer than anything he had endured before.

A couple weeks previous I had traveled to Texas for a work convention. So what to me has been more travel than usual has made me think about traveling. It's something I've never really understood. I mean, I get travel when there's a necessity, and I do understand the occasional vacation. What I don't understand is people who travel frequently for fun. It's just so exhausting, and I think you spend more time in preparation and sitting places waiting than you do enjoying your destination.

I guess I have a strange feeling that you should live where you live, and spend the vast majority of your time there. But maybe I'm just jealous because I have four kids now and don't have the money to travel for fun. I suppose I will chalk it up to "Some people like X activity, and some people like Y activity."


)en said…
Yeah. I mean, I was going to say driving to SLC with all kids does not a vacation make. But you know that. I have a friend who I think feels the same. She doesn't feel a big draw to leave her area. But, there are some of us who were just born with chronic wanderlust and that is me. I think I'm a nomad in my soul. And what you said-- "I get travel when there's a necessity" is interesting to me. I hate when I'm forced to travel. If I'm going to travel I want it to be for fun, always. I know this isn't always feasible, but yeah. I always have the lust. I hope you can travel more for fun. Drop off those kids somewhere and go someplace exciting!

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