The thing about having young kids is that things tend to change frequently, and we've had a few things happen. So this is more of a family journal type post.

Since last summer Allison has been wanting to learn to ride her bike without training wheels. We've worked on it a few times, but I didn't think she was ready. She got a new bike for Christmas, and it still seemed kind of heavy for her. But a friend brought her smaller bike over and Allison just started practicing balance, and then started using the pedals, and within a few minutes she had it. She tried her own bike after a while and got that down too. It was amazing to see how fast she picked it up.

James finally started crawling. Our kids have an interesting history there. Sam never crawled but went straight to walking, holding our fingers for several months until we were at a church activity one evening and he just took off to chase other kids. Allison crawled normally. Clara did her monkey scoot thing which was amazing. And last week James finally started crawling as well. He seemed to do the normal crawling at first, but now he seems to be settling into a crawl like Clara did, swinging his left leg wide and planting on his foot, then scooting on his right knee. We'll see if that keeps up.

Katie has been substituting for the organist at church, so she's been going over to practice in the evenings. Last Friday she took Allison and Clara. They were running down a ramp in the chapel when Clara tripped and bashed her head into a bench. We took her to the urgent care, where she had to get stitches. Surprisingly that was the first time any of our kids has had to get stitches. I say it's surprising because of how many times I had stitches as a kid. So far none of our children has quite my reckless nature when it comes to personal injury, but Clara and James are still pretty young.

That's it for now.


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