Of Monsters and the Moon

I had a couple interesting dreams last night.

First, it was as though all of Stephen King's creations existed at once in a world and were trying to get me. It was one of those dreams that doesn't necessarily terrify me, but it does leave me feeling exhausted. I remember trying to find where I could go that they wouldn't find me, although I really don't remember anything about specific monsters.

Second, it was the Rapture, in a pretty protestant-style situation. The good people were allowed into heaven. What you did was to wait until the sun appeared like a square cursor on a computer screen, and then stare at it, and you and whoever you were touching ascended. I was trying to gather my family. Katie put on warm clothes, because at altitude it's freezing, of course, so I followed suit. It felt like things kept delaying us, but we finally were ready.

I said goodbye to the house, and I felt very emotional about it. We ascended, which really only lasted a few moments and then were were on the moon. So warm clothing wasn't necessary (let alone supplemental oxygen). It was as though it were a waypoint on the way to Heaven. We were in a large building, and it was really pretty indistinguishable from Earth. There were mundane concerns like finding a place to live, and it was kind of disappointing that it felt more like a government bureaucracy than a religious experience. At one point it sounded as though we would be able to return to Earth, as it would be the Celestial Kingdom, which shifted things more to an LDS theological perspective. That's all I remember.


)en said…
Amazing, esp the second one. I'm pretty sure this wasn't just a dream but a premonition. Have you read Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang? It's a novella which includes the story the movie Arrival was based on. Go get it today, I think you'd be super into it, Joel. And read Hell Is The Absence of God. Fits right in with this dream.
Joel said…
I will totally check them out. I've been wondering about Story of Your Life anyway since seeing Arrival.
)en said…
Tell me what you think!

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