Some er Thoughts

A few thoughts about summer.

I really enjoy summer, but I don't sleep very well. It always seems too warm at night, and it's light by 5 a.m. Plus the kids always go to bed later. I do like having the mornings to myself, though. I also have to get up extra early to run on Saturdays.

I found this old post asking about whether it's better to have a nice summer but cold winter, or a mild winter and brutal summer. It's funny that ten years later I would have exchanged the hotter summers and milder winters of Utah for the awful winters and gorgeous summers of Idaho. I think it's better, since during the colder months you're mostly inside anyway. So whether it's 20 degrees or 10 degrees, you don't notice much difference. We didn't hit 90 degrees until July 5. It's been nice.

The Fourth of July continues to vex me, with people celebrating their freedom by inhibiting the freedom of their neighbors to sleep well. It has always bothered me that choices made by other people impact me within the walls of my own home. And the two solid weeks of fireworks always seems a bit much.

It's way too easy to sit inside the air-conditioned house all summer and not do anything fun. (Incidentally, AC is not a standard feature in new homes up here. It's weird. But you can be sure we paid for that before we moved in.) We've been making more of an effort this year to get outside and go places with the kids. Now that we're out of the "we have an infant" stage things should slowly start getting easier.


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