Kneezy Does It

Okay, I'm running out of knee puns to use as titles for posts.

Last week I had the arthroscopic knee surgery that I had wanted to get for a while. It turns out I'm really close to my out-of-pocket insurance max this year, so the $10k operation should cost no more than $300. So it made sense.

It was interesting. I went to the hospital, they shaved part of my leg (a first for me), and then I was in and out within about an hour. I didn't get to talk to the doctor, so I'll have to wait for the follow-up next week to see what he has to say about how much damage there was.

The recovery has been... well, I have nothing to compare it to. I used crutches off and on for the first two days or so, but I was allowed to put weight on it even right after the surgery. It was just removing some damaged cartilage from the knee cap, rather than repairing a tendon or something major. That being said, it's been really swollen and pretty uncomfortable. Not much pain, though, and I decided not to fill the heavy-duty prescription they gave me. The worst part was having a bunch of bandages on it for three days and not being able to shower. (They said I could use press and seal plastic wrap if I needed to, so I did try that.) The hair growing back was itchy, and I honestly think I would lose my mind if I had to have a cast on for 6 to 8 weeks.

I had the surgery Thursday and took Friday off of work, then came back to work today. So while it's weird to walk around limping, I am perfectly capable of sitting at a desk typing. So really, I'm grateful to not have a job requiring manual labor, and I'm glad that none of the foolish things I did as a kid required me to have a cast. I should be walking normally sometime in the next couple weeks, and then sometime will be able to get back to running—with luck, farther and faster than before.


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