Stop the madness

Driving to and from work everyday gives me time to think. specifically, it gives me time to think about how stupid we all are. Most people know of the so-called "two-car rule," which is the common belief that if you are turning left and the light goes red, two cars get to turn before traffic starts in the other direction. I attended traffic school last year (no, not for that) and the police officer was very careful to point out that if you are not in the intersection before the light turns red you are breaking the law. So I try not to turn left on the red unless I've already entered the intersection. I would rather get to my destination two minutes later than potentially get a ticket or killed.

The thought occurs to me that civilization is 5 seconde behind where it should be because of this. Think about it. Cars at the cross street have to wait as long as five seconds to go because of everybosy running the light. Then they do it when their light goes red, and the process begins again. In the end it all evens out, so why do we anger each other and risk death and higher insurance premiums to get somewhere two minutes earlier, when if we all decided to forgo this practice it would all work out the same anyway? Lives would actually be spared.

That's why I say we should leave home two minutes earlier and stop the madness.


Kaitlyn said…
oh my gosh i completely agree. i've seen more people run red lights in utah than anywhere else. it's ridiculous. for a state that's predominantly mormon, people sure are selfish.

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