I'll Come Back for You

Saturday morning we noticed an unfamiliar car parked in front of our house. This is not terribly unusual, given our neighbors. So I didn't give it much thought until I finally realized it had been there for days with the window open, apparently unmoved. Tonight I went out and took a closer look, and I saw that the glove compartment was open, the contents scattered on the seat. So I decided it had been stolen and abandoned. I reported it to the county sheriff's office right as a sheriff's vehicle happened to be pulling in to the neighbors' yard (their son is a sheriff or deputy or whatever). I mentioned it to him and he took a look.

Within half an hour it looked like the owner had arrived to claim her vehicle. It was apparently in bad enough shape that they couldn't get it started, but at least they now know what happened to their vehicle.

It only took me 3 days to be suspicious enough to be spurred to action...


Joel said…
They did eventually get it started. A happy ending at last.

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