I was looking through my blog posts and noticed a lot of drafts that I never finished. Either I ran out of ideas, or I realized they made pretty boring posts. Here's a smattering of my incomplete thoughts:


For some reason, I've been thinking lately about how to rate bands. I think the best way to boil it down to a single number is to use the ratio of songs I listen to vs those I habitually skip when they come up in a playlist. I call this the Rockin' Ratio, or RR. For example, my RR for the band Guster is 98%, because of the 61 songs I have of theirs, there's only one that I usually skip. On the other hand

I'm probably the only person in the world who would care about this.

The hardest things I've ever done:
  • Toilet training a child
  • Running ten miles with an injured knee (incidentally, this also ranks high on the list of the dumbest things I've ever done)
  • Learning Korean
Interesting list, but I never could figure out what else belonged on it. I guess "Finish this list."

Things that make me smile:
  • That little squeaking sound newborn babies make
  • The lady with the limp who still put her cart back in the cart return
  • Easter candy on clearance
Why did I give up on this one? I suppose it's not a cynical enough post.

I sometimes see a piece of trash on the street such as a wrapper

Profound, aren't I? I'm sure glad I saved this one.

I just had an amazing movie title pop into my head. I'm not going to photoshop a poster, though, because the results would be a little too insensitive even for me.

I wish I could remember what this was. It sounds awesome.


)en said…
Ha ha. I liked this one a lot. I laughed out loud at "I sometimes see a piece of trash on the street such as a wrapper"

But i'm laughing with you, not at you, for I relate to the anomaly that is blog post drafts.

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