The Good Old Days

Last night some of my old high school friends came over for a barbecue. It was really fun to see them again and get updated on their lives, as much as that is possible within a couple hours. And as we sat there chatting, it suddenly struck me: When did we all become responsible adults? Gone are the days of the random road trip and sitting on the porch talking late at night, throwing snails out into the street. (Oh, like you never did that.)

So here's the question: Is is possible to fulfill your adult responsibilities and still have time for spontaneous shenanigans once in a while? How do you plan to be spontaneous?


)en said…
Maybe spontaneous starts to take on a slightly different meaning the more routine your life gets. But I'm hoping it is still possible because the idea of having to grow up sometimes makes me want to run away and make a Jen-shaped hole through that door.
Joel said…
That would, in itself, be spontaneous.
Kaitlyn said…
For me, spontaneous planning is picking a night to TP my uncle's new house when I don't have to wake up early for work the next day.

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