I Don't Say Evasion, I Say Avoision

The other day someone at work told me he can't eat any food that is pink, as a result of associating Pepto Bismol with being sick. I've heard from other people that they can't take that medicine anymore because of having it when they were sick as a kid.

Do any of you have an aversion to Pepto? How about other foods?


Kaitlyn said…
I'd rather die a slow death than have to drink the chalky minty spicy mucus that is pepto bismol.
Joel said…
Don't hold back, now. How do you REALLY feel?
)en said…
One time I was sick & puked, so I took some Pepto that turned out to be expired, and almost immediately puked again. But i'm not really bothered by it. It's medicine. It's supposed to be gross.

Also, when i was small, my mother used the phrase "toss/lose your cookies." Strangely & fortunately, it never ruined cookies for me.

"spicy mucus" might be the new thing i think of to make myself vomit. Before that it was Beto's restaurant.
Joel said…
So how often do you need to make yourself vomit, in that you have a specific strategy for doing so?
)en said…
I like to have a strategy for everything, because you just never know.

You just...never...know.
Joel said…
Intriguing. I'd like to hear some more about your other strategies.
)en said…
all in good time.

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