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I learned something new today. I was really tired this morning, so I was tempted to drink a caffeinated soda. But instead I decided to try an experiment. I had some grapefruit juice instead. I figured the sour, bitter taste would do a good job of keeping me awake. And it worked! My friend Rob had this to say about this particular beverage:

I like grapefruit juice, because it feels like it's fighting back.

Now I do enjoy eating grapefruit, but I've never before actually just had the juice by itself. I nursed it throughout the day, and by the afternoon I was surprised to find that I was actually enjoying it. Sort of an alimentary Stockholm syndrome, I suppose...


Jen said…
Was it the sugarless kind? because that stuff is seriously lethal. Sean loves it too for the same reason and while i understand, i'm not sure i want to fight my food. Maybe i do. I'm not sure.

Also: I noticed this typo: "by its elf" which is such a great one.. i just had to say. Thanks for that.
joel said…
Believe it or not, there's no space there. It's just the font.

This isn't the sugar-free kind. That would do me in, I think.

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