These Streets Are Dangerous for Us Upper Lower Middle Class Types

I like to get my taxes done early each year. Not because I'm especially patriotic, but because every year I've been fortunate to get a big, fat refund. And that has helped us with some important things, like last year when it largely funded hospital bills from Allison's birth.

Well, this year is no exception, in that we have something specific we are putting the refund toward (more on that in a later post; probably much later). So I finished up the taxes last night to discover that not only was my federal refund far less than I had hoped, but for the first time in my 15 years of working I actually owe tax, to the state.

This year we were fortunate to move up financially, from "chub night" to "hamburger helper," but it is a bit of a shock to actually have to pay tax. Fortuntely, I'm still on a first-name basis with the staff at the plasma donation center...


Ann said…
Yeah, that was a shock when it happened to us the first time, too :)
Lizzy said…
As a fellow 'get taxes done early so we can get refund' person I have to say that I am very impressed by the fact that you already have all your paperwork to do your taxes. Still waiting on a student loan and a bank here.
Was almost at the point of having to pay. Only $2 refund from state last year, but had another kid so we should be good for another year or two. =-)

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