Chat Log

Here's a chat I had this morning with my friend Rob Wells.

me:  I'm sure they'll call any minute

robisonwells:  I'm sure you'll get a punch in the neck any minute
(because I hired a guy)

me:  I'll do it for half the price

robisonwells:  no, when hiring a hitman, I find it best to avoid possible conflicts of interests. You know, I'm all about ethics.

me:  Why would you hire a hitman just to punch me? That's like hiring a doctor to apply a band-aid.

robisonwells:  because I take pride in my work, no matter how small the job
also, when looking to hire someone to punch someone in the neck, your options are pretty limited.

me:  He bruised his knuckle on my vertebra. We're going to try again.
Much better.

robisonwells:  oh goof

me:  But he says he's going to charge you for the extra punch

robisonwells:  but, oh goof also
that hitman, he's such a goof!!!

me:  So how much am I supposed to tip him? These situations are always so awkward.

robisonwells:  you're supposed to buy him lunch

the best tip a hitman can get is an intelligent conversation over a hot meal


Jen said…
I liked this. It made me laugh. I especially liked the goofy hitman. :D
Amanda said…
You two are crazy funny. I'm torn - I'm kinda glad, but a little hurt you've never posted one of our chats.

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