Back from the Brink

Okay, so I assumed it was just a stupid cold. After feeling really sick last Tuesday and Wednesday, I felt a little better on Thursday and Friday. But then I just kept feeling like my throat was being punched, and my head was a pressure cooker full of mucus (sorry about that). By Saturday I could barely speak, and by Monday I realized that I had had a fever for a full week. So, having been miserable the whole Memorial Day weekend, I finally saw a doctor on Tuesday, who confirmed that in addition to the cold I had strep. And a wicked horrible cough.

Anyway, I'm mostly recovered now. And here's something that makes me feel even better:

Four weeks from today we should be moving in, if all goes according to plan. (Does it ever?) You're all invited to totally help us move come visit.


Lizzy said…
Glad you are feeling better. I like the color of the house. Have a happy moving time (bwahahahaha, happy and moving in the same sentence). May the packing/unpacking faries find you.

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