Fort Uosity

Can I just say that Sam and I built the best fort ever tonight?

Yes. Yes, I can. It stretched all along the back of the couch and the recliner next to it.

He's watching Bugs Bunny cartoons on a little DVD player. Luxury!

When I was a kid, I once made a fort by lining the inside of a table's legs with foam mattresses. We had a little old black-and-white TV I brought in there, and I remember sitting in there and eating saltines for some reason. Compared to that, this thing is a palace.


E. Keith Owens said…
I was really sick with my first son but I had no one else to take care of so it wasnt that bad. Some things that sort of helped me get throught the day were .Wintergreen LifeSavers- theyre nice and strong and take away the nauseous taste.Candied Ginger- the ginger helps with sickness and the sugar coating takes away some of the bitterness- small bites though!.Preggie Pops- didnt help much but tasted pretty good.Ice chips- get some fluid in you and takes away the sick taste.Whole Fruit Pops- same as ice chips but taste good and have some benefits.I also got a couple anti-nausea presciptions from my OB-GYN but I tried to take them only as absolutely needed...I hope this helps- I really feel for you. The thing that absolutely worked the best was getting a Mcdonalds icecream cone.

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