Back to School

Last night we went to Back to School Night for the first time ever. So I guess we should just call it "to school night."

Semantics aside, it was an odd experience. I still dimly recall my experiences as the student, so it's a strange feeling to be on the other side now as the parent. It's one of those landmark experiences that makes you feel a little bit old. Not as old as having your kids graduate from high school, but still.

Anyway, Sam is excited about school, and his teacher seems to be really nice, so we'll see how everything goes.


Lizzy said…
Yeah, the first time is always the weirdest. I just did the pre-K orientation and was looking around at all the clueless parents and saying 'That was me two years ago.' Now look at me, on the PTSA board. Yes sir, just think it a short time you too can be working on your plan of taking over the world, uhmm, I mean school, hmm, erg, I mean playing an important part in your child's education. There are no plots to take over the world. Ignore the man behind the curtain, he doesn't know anything anyways.

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