Happy Returns

After a few days offline, my site is back! So if anybody actually comes here again, thanks.

Well, my 31st birthday has now come and gone, and it was a good one. A few weeks ago I had decided to run a half marathon for my birthday (not a registered one, just by myself), because for some reason I thought the 13 and 31 would be cool. And then, a couple days before, I decided that in order to prove that I'm not getting old, I decided I had to beat my best time at that distance, set all of three months ago.

I managed to do it in 1:38, taking a little more than a minute off my previous time. Not too much, but I felt good because you generally run slower on your own anyway. I did manage to score some pretty sore toenails, though.

Anyway, enough with the boring running stuff. Now on to the boring family stuff! Katie bought me a bunch of shirts (I think I ended up with 13, so I really mean "a bunch"), and I got to go see Cowboys and Aliens (spoiler: it has cowboys in it, and also aliens). Then we went to my parents' house for dinner and family pictures, because my sister and her husband are moving to San Antonio this week. My dad made some killer beef brisket and barbecued ribs. It was great.

So it was a good day. I'm hoping to have some more frequent posts coming up, detailing the hilarious results of my attempts to install a sprinkler system, lawn, and patio. Stay tuned.


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