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If we converted every golf course in the United States into something useful, say wheat farms, it would produce enough wheat to feed 34 million people for a year, based on average global wheat consumption per capita. Just something to think about, what with rampant world hunger and all.


Lizzy said…
If you really want to see something, come visit us in NY. We'll take you out to the acres on acres on acres of abandoned farmland. Land that farmers walked away from. Sitting there. Just growing weeds.
There is still plenty of farmland.
And because I've spent waaaayyy too much time with my husband, his voice is echoing in my head as I say that Golf courses play an important role. And that they do more for air purity and oxygen content in the city than any other park, etc. (Yeah, he grew up growing grass.)
joel said…
Well, the point wasn't that there's not enough farmland. I realize that a lot of people are essentially paid for not farming, for economic reasons, and that the US actually destroys a sizable portion of its grain annually to keep the market stable. So I know this isn't a practical idea; I just think golf is stupid.

That is an interesting point about the positive effects of grass, though. I'll have to look into that. Of course, you could just make a regular park with grass...
[...] All golf courses will be converted to grazing for cattle. Yes. [...]

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