I Scream

We often buy vanilla ice cream, and I usually use it for root beer floats. But we’ve had no root beer for a while, so I’ve been trying a few different things to jazz it up. First I put some caramel-filled Hershey kisses in the cup and smashed them, then mixed in the ice cream. Oh, yes. That was fine. Then, another day I crumbled up some girl scout thin mints and mixes that in. We had another winner! And finally, last night I put a little hot chocolate powder in. Fantastic!

Any other ideas?


Jen said…
Did you know that vanilla is by far the most consumed of ice cream flavors? It's no wonder.
Toss a brownie under that or pour some ganache over it. Throw in some bananas, make an impromtu split. That's how i like my vanilla ice cream. And, of course, in a float.

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