I was thinking recently about some of the possessions I have somehow lost over the years. I lost a couple of important souvenirs from my mission for example: a tie given to me by a great family, and a set of brass chopsticks made especially for me by a wonderful lady we taught. I also managed to lose my original wedding ring, which has since been replaced by a less expensive one. “This is why we can’t have nice things!” (Tangent: I’ve noticed that hand lotion is the cause of 100% of ring losses in my family, as we have had several scares with Katie’s, caused by taking the rings off to apply the lotion.)

What have you lost?


Lizzy said…
An entire case of cereal.

Belgium Waffle Iron.

A lid to a tupperware bowl. I miss it.

A box of annoying, loud, and mildly inappropriate children's' toys. No idea what happened to that. *innocent face*
joel said…
Yes, my mom occasionally "loses" the grandkids' toys that are causing problems.
Lakeisha said…
That's the best aesnwr of all time! JMHO

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