Too Tired to Think of a Title

I feel like I've been complaining a lot lately. So let's get started.

Last weekend we went down to southern Utah for the wedding of Katie's sister. On Friday we packed up the car, got in and... the car wouldn't start. Eventually we sorted out that the battery had been drained the night before, when Katie had the doors open for a long time vacuuming it. So I got it  jump-started it, and we were off.

Everything went fine until that night, when we finally got the kids to sleep in the motel room (which is always a challenge). I didn't get much sleep because I was in the bed with Allison, and she rolled around all night. In addition, there was a screaming baby in the room next to us that was apparently up all night too. The next day we discovered that it was in fact screaming triplets. And the people kept their door open all morning to more effectively share the joy with the world.

The wedding itself went fine, and they had a nice outdoor reception with beautiful weather. But that day Sam's ear started hurting, and by that evening it was really causing him problems. We got about an hour of sleep before he woke up screaming. We had dosed him with acetaminophen before bed, and not enough time had passed to give him more, so after being up for a while I eventually had to make a pharmacy run at about 2:30 for some ibuprofen. After that we managed another 3 hours or so, until he was up screaming again.

And so Mother's Day dawned with us even more tired. We rushed to get checked out of our room, and finally found an Instacare that was open. The doctor saw how bad his ear infection was (it in fact started draining that morning) and prescribed a couple of antibiotics and Tylenol with codeine. The pharmacy down there was unable to get our insurance to work, so I paid the cash price for the Tylenol, figuring we could fill the antibiotic later in  the day near home.

We said goodbye to the family and headed north again, until we had a tire blow out on the freeway about 25 miles away from Beaver. (The funny thing was, I had been feeling pessimistic earlier and had told Katie that I was sure the car would break down.) So I got to change a tire on the freeway with the cars whizzing by a couple feet from me. (It was one of the 80 mph test areas, naturally. And I learned something interesting. You know how they say when you're up high you should avoid looking down? Well, don't look back at freeway traffic speeding by your head, either.) The spare tire got us to the shop in Beaver minutes before they closed (shout-out to Katie's brother Carlin, who made some calls and found an open shop while I changed the tire). $400 later (another of the tires was close to going, and it had a nail in it too) we were on our way again.

We had planned to go up to Salt Lake for dinner with my parents, but it was 8:00 before we got to Lehi, so that wasn't going to happen. And neither was the last pharmacy run for Sam, which will have to wait for tomorrow. And now I'm going to bed.

I'm torn between gratitude that we survived, and frustration at how generally crappy the weekend was. I think I'll go the "let's forget this experience ever happened, and never speak of it again" route.

A couple other details I forgot: The tire blowout shredded our bumper and destroyed the brake light. On Mythbusters they showed how a tire blowout from a truck in front of you could go right through your windshield and kill you. Also, Sam slept all day in the car, so he wasn't tired at bedtime. Katie very kindly allowed me to go to bed so I could get up for work this morning (insert comment about how terrible I am for allowing her to do that on Mother's Day).


Ann said…
We had an almost identical weekend. So sad to hear you had a terrible one, too. :(
joel said…
I'm sorry your was like ours, but the solidarity is nice.
)en said…
Wow, i don't even know what to say. Your weekend was the perfect storm of crap. perfect crap storm. You two need a vaycay. Guilt your parents to take the kids and tell them that some people live far far away from any family and their kids never get to see their grandparents. Even just a mini-trip would do wonders, i am convinced. DO IT.

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