Revenge of the Banana

This all started with a banana. As I've noted before, bananas are something I want to like but struggle with. But I think I've discovered how to like them better.

It's because I have this thing with maintaining my weight. My philosophy is that if I put on a couple pounds I work to eat better and get rid of it before I get overweight. But most people scoff if I make any kind of comment about trying to eat healthy. "Pssh, what do you have to worry about?" Well, I don't think I should make it harder on myself.

Anyway, I've been on one such cycle recently, trying to minimize foods with added sugar and stop with treats for a while. But breakfast is hard, because I love me some cereal. I love to have it in the morning, and then have a bowl before bed. But it's hard for me to figure out what to eat for breakfast without it. I love eggs, but you can have only so many before you get sick of them too.

So I decided to get some plain oatmeal, which I feel is pretty darn healthy. (Oh no! Carbs!) The first morning I had it (no salt or sugar added; literally plain oatmeal) it was horrible. The second day it was still pretty horrible. I've played around with a few things like slicing hard-boiled eggs on it (not bad). But the other day I noticed a banana on the table and, desperate for anything to change up the flavor, sliced some into the bowl. Delicious!

This could be the start of a beautiful (and very one-sided) relationship.


)en said…
This makes me so happy, for I love both the banana AND oatmeal. How about no-sugar-added applesauce and a dash of cinnamon? Toss in some shaved almonds? Also- keep the salt, man. Keep the salt!
Lori said…
i am glad you are learning to appreciate bananas. Eggs with oatmeal? don't think i could do that.
)en said…
I have more to say because I have such passionate feelings toward breakfast, eggs, and all of the aforementioned things. 1st: there are like a trillion ways to eat eggs. I could eat them every single day in every single way. I'm attempting the soft boil as we speak. 2nd: smoothies?? Joel? Bananas are your best friend! Good luck on your breakfast quest. This is the only meal of the day I care about and I care a LOT.
John said…
I just wanted to say that bananas have been haunting me since this post. For that I blame you.

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