Alimentary Affection

Did you ever date someone that you tried really hard to like, but in the end you just couldn’t do it? (Or were you ever on the receiving end?) It’s noble, in a way, to try to give this affection because you feel things would work out perfectly if that were the case.

Well, I finally decided that I have that kind of relationship… with bananas. Bananas are healthy, easy to eat, cheap, inexpensive, and affordable. But in the end I just don’t really like them. It’s pretty rare that I’m eating a banana and not looking forward to the end of it. I still like bananas in things, but eating the fruit plain is just delaying the inevitable.

I’m sorry, bananas. It’s not you, it’s me.


The Kyles said…
What!!??? you don't like bananas? That's terrible? I could probably survive on just bananas for at least a few days. And that is my honest opinion. By the way, I think that a mixture of discretion and total honesty is important. Often times the things we label "total honesty" are really tinged with our own motives and what we want out of the situation.
Kevin Lloyd said…
That's actually how I feel about you, Joel. For all these years I've tried so hard to find reasons to keep you as a friend, but am coming up short. Um, I don't quite know how to say this...this is kinda awkward...I think we should break up
Joel said…
Do you concur with my statement about bananas, or Kevin's assertion that we should no longer be friends?
LeeElle said…
the bananas. Who's Kevin?

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