Help Thy Neighbor

I don't generally get too serious on the blog, but last night I had an experience that was really faith promoting. It all started when Katie accidentally backed the van into the closed garage door. So it was bowed outward and wouldn't open or close. I came out to look at it and tried pulling it back into place a bit. But it was pretty messed up.

A neighbor was out walking his dogs and saw me, so he came over to help. I wouldn't have thought to ask anyone for help on this because I figured this would require a professional. But apparently he has fixed garage doors before. So we started working on it, and several things were out of place. After perhaps 30 minutes of hard work (mostly by him) it was working again. It was interesting that it all happened when he was outside, which isn't all that common after dark in  mid-December.

This was one more instance of my Father in Heaven looking out for me, which lately it seems like I've had many instances of. I hope I can be there for someone else who needs some help, even if my skills aren't particularly applicable to real-world situations. But I can help anyone determine correct comma placement or choose the correct word between "who" and "whom." So that's something, I suppose.


Lori said…
That was a great "churchy" story. Loved it. See, stories like this are what the media needs to write about! Merry Christmas to all of you!

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