Where are you, Christmas?

What's the deal with Christmas? Why does everyone get so stressed and nearly kill themselves over it? I struggle to understand why people cause themselves pointless anxiety, and why Christmas has to be a big deal. In particular I don't understand the question "Are you ready for Christmas?" As if it's a storm that's coming.

To me Christmas means you put up a few lights outside (not an elaborate display, just a string on the house) and spend an afternoon putting some decorations up in the house. You do a little online shopping for the spouse and kids, and that's it. Why do we treat it as this huge obstacle to be surmounted? It should be a time that allows us to be cheerful and focus on other people, as well as religious devotion for us churchgoing folk. I just feel like 75% of what people give themselves to do is totally unnecessary (though this isn't necessarily limited to Christmas).

In other news, I just received this amazing sweater and am super excited about it.
Merry Sithmas.


)en said…
I feel like it's the pressure. People want it to be so meaningful, so magical! And then they risk being burnt out. I hear from a lot of people how they want to do so much and try to do it all and then at the end of the month feel completely destroyed, finally recognizing it was way too much but somehow they were powerless to do anything abt it throughout the season, victims of their own out of control Christmas spirit. ?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ That sweater is GREAT. Christmas sweaters are def a priority for me.
Lori said…
that sweater is great! and i agree! Christmas should be simple and non-stress! how can you enjoy something when you are stressed?

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