Get to Da Choppa!

You guys! I checked off a major bucket list item last Friday.
I got to ride in a helicopter. It was amazing!

At work we had a group of distributors visiting the home office as a reward for performance. They all got a chance to ride in a helicopter, and some of the employees got a chance too. It was just a quick trip around Idaho Falls, but it was so much fun. Even when the pilot dropped us down suddenly to mess with us and I felt my stomach try to escape. Yay!

Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference in the title.


Lori said…
I don't know the reference but what a fun experience for you! You look very professional with the head phones on. Like you were the pilot. I hope Idaho Falls looked spectacular from above.
)en said…
Sounds like Ahnold to me. But from what? {thinking face} True Lies? Terminator? Predator? Kindergarten Cop?

also--helicopter ride, fun! And good job not puking your guts.
Joel said…
It was Predator. So good job identifying the speaker, and a nice selection of his films. Gold star!

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